Mr. Irakli Apkhaidze
Date of birth:
4 July 1980
2 22 74 59 (122)
In 2001-2011, he worked  in various positions in the National Statistics Office of Georgia: In 2001-2005 - as the Chief Specialist of the Population Census Division;  In 2005-2008 - Head of the Department of Household Investigation of Social Statistics Division; In 2008-2011 Fund "Millenium Challenge Account (MCA)" and the State Department of Statistics of Georgia within the framework of joint project coordinator of household examinations. 
From 2012 up to this date Kemonics-Georgia in the company; In 2012-2015 - Monitoring and Evaluation Manager of the USAID Project “New Economic Opportunities (NEO)”; In 2016 - Monitoring and Evaluation Manager in the USAID Project "Increasing Activity in Georgia". 
Mr. Irakli Apkhaidze is with higher education qualification in the field of economics. He is an aspirant of the demographic institute of the Georgian Academy of Sciences.
He speaks English and Russian languages.
He has a wife and two children.